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07/13/2017, 02:35 PM
Hello all,

I have a 125 tank that I have installed in my office. It has a 75 gallon DIY sump that I made underneath it with a Reef Octopus Skimmer. Tank has a CPR CS Overflow box 1500GPH with dual pipes. 2 return pumps with a UV coming out of the sump to return to the tank. This tank isn't overly loud, but in a professional office setting it is annoying. I would like to remote the sump with most of the noisy equipment, but this is a single floor building with no basement. Floors are tiled over concrete slab so to go under it would be to difficult. I would need to do a vertical run through the ceiling which is 10ft high, over horizontally 35ft or so, then back down into the sump in the back room. My concern is the initial vertical run. I was thinking I could get another sump tank underneath, say a 55gallon long, no baffles with a large return pump for the overflows to drain into. The pump would return the under tank sump to the remote sump (vertical run), then another large return pump in the remote sump would make the run back to the DT. Is this feasible or am I completely crazy? I already have the RO/DI water area in the rear with a hose running through the ceiling into the current sump. I also plumbed the tank with a valve and exterior drain so to drain the tank for maintenance only requires opening a valve to drain outside. Pictures were taken directly after weekly maintenance so disregard cloudy water please.

Thanks for any feedback!

07/13/2017, 03:46 PM
In short, yes this is possible. But you might want to consider other options first. New sump, newer (quieter pump), insulating the doors or adding lids to the sump.
Are you familiar with how to size a pump based off head?

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07/13/2017, 05:19 PM
I have considered that. I should have also mentioned that I have to remove screwed in panels and the sump only has a couple of inches clearance. To service the sump requires me to drain a pull it out. Also, maintenance takes place while customers are coming in and out. Best way to fix problems is to move the sump.

Most manufacturers have head height diagrams so that shouldn't be a problem. If I put the exact same pump in both sumps (they both will have same height vertical runs) it should work you think?

Any pump recommendations? They will have to be submersible. I currently use danner mag drive pumps, but not opposed to something different if quieter.

Should I use PVC or clear line for this? What size diameter?

Thanks for your help with this

07/14/2017, 08:11 AM
Was thinking a pair of mag 24s. I have a head height of 11ft 10in and overflow box capable of 1500gph. At that head height pumps should flow around 800gph which is more than adequate turnover for a 125g. Is there a differ pump someone thinks would be quieter at that flow rate?

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