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07/15/2017, 01:52 PM
78 Days ago.. Broke out a bunch of equipment and dry rock I had in storage. Not sure where this build will end up... going to take a few months to even get a tank, but for the time being...

Cycled the rock, added a clean up crew, icecap 660 running 4 T5's, Bermuda BPS - 3c, added a Tunze ATO and just letting this setup run as I build the stand.

http://i1174.photobucket.com/albums/r605/mshannon40/IMG_4216_zpsvecgjngw.jpg (http://s1174.photobucket.com/user/mshannon40/media/IMG_4216_zpsvecgjngw.jpg.html)

Started building a stand that 'could' accommodate a 72x24 (180 gallon tank)... but only time will tell what I end up purchasing that large. Have some quotes from some custom tank manufactures, but I may end up going standard 'over-the-counter' aquarium. Even thinking of placing 2 60 Gallons side-by-side.

http://i1174.photobucket.com/albums/r605/mshannon40/IMG_4215_zpshm9fpoak.jpg (HTTP://s1174.photobucket.com/user/mshannon40/media/IMG_4215_zpshm9fpoak.jpg.html)

Through some buttons in with the rock... Few more weeks and I'm hoping to start see coralline start to grow from the 3 small pieces of LR i picked up from the LFS.

http://i1174.photobucket.com/albums/r605/mshannon40/IMG_4217_zpsqyqw00nb.jpg (http://s1174.photobucket.com/user/mshannon40/media/IMG_4217_zpsqyqw00nb.jpg.html)

07/15/2017, 06:46 PM
Can't use Photobucket any more ..... they stopped supporting 3rd party photo hosting

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Ryan Darilek
07/15/2017, 10:34 PM
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