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07/17/2017, 08:22 PM
Very interesting on test kits and results. Yesterday my test results using Hanna and Red Sea were as follows:
Ca = 506
Alk = 8.96
Mg = 1400
No3 = .04 - Red Sea
Po4 = .13 - Red Sea

Today I had the water tested at my LFS and they use Salifert and my results were as follows:

Ca = 450
Alk = 9.23
Mg = 1470
No3 = 0
Po4. = 03

Do these numbers look out of order? Should I be concerned?

07/17/2017, 08:35 PM
I prefer to keep my alkalinity and calcium levels a little lower than where your tank is at, but I don't see your levels as a problem. You will get faster stony coral growth with your numbers, but usually at the expense of less color. I keep my alkalinity at 8.0 and calcium at 425. Your phosphates are slightly high, keep an eye on them.

07/17/2017, 09:46 PM
I think those numbers are fine as is. The results mostly are very close for hobbyist test kits. This article goes into details about water parameters:


The phosphate level is a bit high according to the Red Sea kit, but as long as the animals are doing well, I'd ignore it.