View Full Version : Nitrate and calcium reactors

07/18/2017, 06:36 AM
Can you use the effluent from a sulfur nitrate reactor to feed a calcium reactor?

07/18/2017, 07:20 AM
Chemically, I don't see why not. The effluent of a sulfur denitrator is low in pH anyway so seems like it would be efficient and require less CO2.

Practically, you are tying two pieces of equipment together that perform different functions and likely will require different flow rates for optimal performance. You don't want to adjust your Ca/Alk supplementation just because you need to adjust the flow of the nitrate reactor or vice versa.

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07/18/2017, 10:10 AM
I see your point with the flow rate.

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07/18/2017, 06:08 PM
I agree that the difference in flow rate would be a problem in a lot of systems. I don't think it's worth the effort to try to link them, personally.