View Full Version : Sump Design Question (Red Sea 625 XXL)

07/18/2017, 12:30 PM
I'm building my first saltwater aquarium and planning my hard plumbing. Compared to the 250-525 where the return pump is in the far left chamber, the return pump is setup right below the in/outflow pipes from the main display. Because of this, I'm having trouble deciding what to do about 2-3 reactors.

Looking at the image I expertly created in paint /s, the manifolds design first hits a T valve going into the main display and continues moving forward towards the 2-3 reactors. Each reactor will have a gate valve where I can adjust pressure.


My concern is if pressure back into the main display will be enough. This design is the opposite of what I had originally planned (Having the water run from the return pump OVER the reactors with the majority of the head pressure heading into the main display. Any ideas with this particular sump design would be greatly appreciated.

07/19/2017, 12:15 PM
Your pump will move so many gph at the given head height of the return. You are stealing from that pressure to put xx gph through the reactors. I would think it would not matter if the reactors are in front of the return section or after. As long as you aren't going a crazy difference I don't think it would matter.