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07/20/2017, 04:14 PM
Precision Marine Sump Sale
Precision Marine Refugium sumps all 10% OFF.
Ends *7/31/2017 11:59pm at Midnight.

Rossmont Pumps and wavemaker
Just connect your Mover to Waver, the 1st device for aquariums in the World capable to drive an AC pump powered at Mains voltage.

SENEYE Magnet Mount Slide Holder
SENENE's seneye device magenetic holder is designed to hold your seneye USB device securely in place using powerful neodymium magets. The arrows on the front give an indication of where the device will see itself as "out of water" allowing you to position is to alert you if the water level drops.

35% OFF JBJ Slimline LED Fixtures
From 16" to 48", 4 sizes to choose from
Ends *7/31/2017 11:59pm at Midnight.

20% OFF RedSea Test Kits & Additives
All RedSea Test Kits, Additives, Filter media on sale.
EXTENDED - Ends *7/31/2017 11:59pm at Midnight.

25% OFF Vertex Reactors
Save 25% OFF Vertex Media reactors this month.
Ends *7/31/2017 11:59pm at Midnight.

Xtreme Aquatics Marine Nano Food
"Not just for nano tanks"
Xtreme nano is a specially made food that is perfect for raising small fish. It has over a 50% protein content in a .5mm pellet. *So if you are a breeder, or just have some really young fish that need bulked up, this is an excellent choice. It's also great to feed LPS corals, they'll love the extra protein.

The FLM-3 is a consumer flow meter perfect for under the sink monitoring of the flow that has passed through your filtration (RO/DI) system.
TRM-1: Triple In-Line TDS Monitor *The TRM-1 is a unique monitor offering the user 3 points of contact during the filtration process. This TDS monitor allows for checking TDS levels at 3 points, such as with DI/RO (deionization / reverse osmosis), or multiple points in an RO system, and more.

20% OFF
AquaticLife Mini 115 Protein Skimmer
20% OFF AquaticLife Mini 115 Protein Skimmer
This sale ends 7/31/17 11:59pm at Midnight.

48% OFF
Euroquatics T5 LED's
While supplies last, 48% off all remaining inventory.*