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07/22/2017, 01:48 PM
This would be my second tank. I learned a lot from my previous one. Hoping this will be something I have with me for years. I decided to do this instead of buying an AIO from Im because of the sump u still see behind the tank that takes space away from the room. I researched everything from redsea setups to cadlights but all of them seem to have several flaws that aren't ideal from me. Specifically the small sump of red sea/extreme price tag, and the sketchy reviews on the cadlights base cabinet. I also like a wide display tank and no premade setups seem to have something near my desired dimensions.

Display:30 gallon long IM Nuvo black
Sump:20 gallon aqueon long which i will partition to 3 chambers.
Lights: will use my existing Marine Orbit LEDs, they have been working well.
Skimmer: whatever works well. I finally have space so doesn't have to be a HOB although the aquamaxx hob-1 seems to have excellent reviews. Aquamaxx WS1 seems to be a compact in sump possibility. Or Reef octopus 150... entertaining other options. Too many options to choose from.
Flow: MP10, with possibly a hydro koralia on the other side. Not eager on gettign 2 MP10s if I dont have to.
ATO: Smart Micro
Base: Custom cabinet made to specs of display tank and sump.

Goal: I want this to be an understocked tank with proper hardware for a fully stocked tank so I dont have the algae issues of my last setup. Not sure if this will be a LPS/SPS or mixed but some of the all-SPS tanks have really been growing on me. If I go full SPS I might have to upgrade the lights, start slow and learn dosing.

Setup. I plan a minimalist design with less rock than standard and less coral than a standard full tank. If I have to I will put rock into the sump to aid filtration but I have a feeling a good skimmer with chaeto should do the trick.

Plumping/Flow : I plan to drill into the display tank and have the overflow on one side of the back and return from pump on the other side. (Going to call IM to see if they can sell me a predrilled tank. I would not be ecstatic if it accidentally cracked during my drilling.) Not sure if I will just get a little filter on the overflow or actually get an overflow kit. Any advice would be appreciated. Not sure on the type/flow of return pump. Still doing research.

Transfer from old tank...Will do more research but not sure if I should directly transfer corals and fish from my other tank when this one is ready. Its only a couple corals and 3 little fish but the other tank is littered with dense GHA and some cyano. Wouldn't want to directly introduce that to the new tank. How could I do this transfer safely or would the new tank take care of the microscopic algae and bacteria coming in no problem.

Still need to figure out: I will buy new live sand. Also planned on buying dry rock and acid dipping it. (I could also acid dip the rock that I have in the old tan but that means I would have to take off the corals.) Would I need to cure even if I acid dip the new dry rock? My current rocks are algae magnets so I am assuming they've been releasing phosphates. I want to avoid this completely so acid dip it is, just not sure what to do after: put in new tank or circulate in bucket of salt water for a cpl weeks.

-Thoughts on live rock in sump since very little will be used in the display...Unnecessary?
-Must I still cure acid dipped new dry rock?
-Skimmer thoughts?
-Transferring coral/fish from old algae/cyano filled tank ok?
-Overflow kit or just a simple filter before overflow plumbing?
-Any other must haves in sump?

I will be taking a lot of pics and updating this thread as it comes together. I will finally do some videos when corals are in and growing. I have been snooping in on this forum for about a year now, I am happy with all the excellent advice I have found everywhere. If this thread helps anyone with their build I will be thrilled.

07/28/2017, 08:47 PM
Changed my mind. scratched the 30 long. 40 breeder is bought. 20 long sump also bought. Cabinet is being made. Not sure if this still counts as nano.

I read about the BRS reef saver rock not needing to be cured as it should be phosphate free so that sounds great.

I am heavily leaning towards the reef octopus 110 int skimmer. looks to be a beast. i will probably go with that.

40 breeder will deff need more flow. I keep reading about mp10s being magic so as much as I don't want to go over budget I think a pair makes sense and should be an investment for the long run so i guess Ill go that route.

I am now between the glass-holes overflow and the eshopps eclipse M. Any advice on which way to swing?

Found an appropriate pump: syncra 3.0

Feel like theres no need for more rock in sump unless i have a lot of bioload.

Not sure on sand... fiji pink or special grade? fiji pink should still be fine for the flow from the 2 mp10s . i read special grade has a harder time staying white since algae settles on easy. My goal is bright white sand bed.