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07/24/2017, 10:09 AM
hi Roger,

First I did get the Tunze 3, a pair for my current 65 gallon. Really glad I did. Quiet, lots of options for control, and super happy it will last a really really long time, etc , etc...
Now my osmolator is no longer working. I believe it's 2 years old. I tried to use a different power supply. That is not the issue. So the issue is either the sensor, the pump itself, the 'connector box' where the wires meet into, or maybe a short in the connection where some wires are connected before going to that box.

Which is the most common? BTW I hear nothing whatsoever coming from any part of the osmolator system when I have the float sensor in the 'water fill' position (all the way down). So it doesnt seem as though the pump is trying to do anything. I do have the osmolator universal on my reef tank. So, if needed, I can try to debug what I can borrowing some of those parts.

What do you suggest? I do know the pumps need replacing sometimes.


07/24/2017, 10:52 AM
Thank you!

If you hear nothing from the controller when you cycle the float, no relay click, etc, it is most likely a dead controller. What is the date on the silver tag on the controller? It will be 6 digits, something like 201504, year and month.

07/24/2017, 11:40 AM
Hi Roger,
201510 . BUT when I put the controller next to my ear I do hear a click when I activate, deactivate, the float switch. The pump itself makes 0 noise

07/24/2017, 02:07 PM
Try the pump on your regular Osmolator, if it works it is the controller.

07/24/2017, 02:08 PM
It is still under warranty by the way.

07/25/2017, 09:36 AM
I tired the other pump. Connected everything like it should be. Nothing happened with the pump. It wasn't activated. So it's probably the little black controller?]
**I'll try the pump in question on the functioning osmolator full size. To verify that it does work right...

07/25/2017, 10:31 AM
Please let me know, I agree the controller is down, but sometimes a dead pump can be the cause pre 2016, the updated board won't overload and burn out like the old one could if a pump was bad.

08/18/2017, 01:53 PM
sorry it took me forever to WB, but the pump does work on my other osmolator. so both pumps work. SO it's most likely that little black box :)
**Im slightly worried for when I go away for a week (which is rare, maybe 1 time a year) if it were to fail while away. I'm thinking the prevention for that is to have a second osmoaltor nano to catch a dip too low in water level (?). Not a horrible idea either for peace of mind.

08/21/2017, 08:10 AM
I think trying to use two together is more headaches than it is worth and given the cost of two, if you want redundant sensors the 3155 would be the best way to go. I am reasonably sure if we get it replaced and everything is set up correctly it will be reliable. Please send in the controller and we will get it exchanged, include a note with return address and phone number-

Tunze USA
305 Victor St
Austin, TX 78753

11/13/2017, 11:19 AM
Hi Roger.. THis is an old thread. But I'm finally sending this in this week, hopefully that is still ok! Hurricane Irma (not direct, "only" loss were my aquatic life -- not the seahorses though) hit right after i asked about this and set everything off kilter for a while.
BTW the Tunze 3 are easily enough for my new 108 gallon (replaced my recently passed 65).
Thanks :-D

11/13/2017, 11:56 AM
That sucks! Driving around Harvey to Austin from MACNA that was at the top of my mind, did my tank make it. I wasn't worried so much about losing power as Austin tends to be able to fix it quickly and they do a lot of preventative maintenance on trees to prevent power outages, but my fear was an hour so without an my anemone could detach and wander and get pureed when power kicked back on. My worst ever was 8 hours in a winter storm due to ice breaking lines. We actually had no power for 4 hours during the peak of Harvey by the only old fashioned wall clock in the house and everything was no worse for wear.

11/13/2017, 07:02 PM
Hi Rog, I'm glad you ended up well :) ,and your nem in one piece, not 1,000,000 :-D
My tank was a literal sewer after just less than 2 days no power. Sheets of slime bacteria all over the dead remains already.
I have a generator now, so doing everything I can for it to not happen again :).