View Full Version : Thoughts on a Pistol/Goby pair in a JBJ 3 gal pico

07/24/2017, 03:05 PM
Saw a Yasha/Pistol pair at the LFS the other day and was mesmerized for quite a while. Silly little pistol went ballistic every time one of the hermit crabs got within antenna range and would pick it up and chuck it out over the top of the cave! Fun stuff.

Anyways, I'd increase the depth of the sand bed to 3-4" and probably add some various sized rubble for the shrimp to build with. The only mobile critter in that tank right now is an electric blue hermit, and it could move to the main tank if needed.

So what do you guys think about that pair living in such a small tank?

07/24/2017, 07:18 PM
Hit or miss.