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07/24/2017, 04:26 PM
So I am currently in the process of planning and acquiring all the equipment for my 210 reef tank build. While purchasing all the equipment I keep looking at the Cadlights 50 long I have sitting empty in the garage. I am thinking I may plumb the Cadlights 50 into the larger tank and run two systems together. My idea for the 50 long is to fill it will bubble tips, maxi mini and rock flower amenones. I love amenones but always worry about when they decide to move and blasting them with two much flow in the reef.

So I am wondering what size group of clownfish I could toss in the 50 long with all the anemones. I know a local breeder so I could defiantly grab a bunch from one clutch of babies.

I would run a 36 ATI sunpower over the tank which is also sitting in the garage.

Could I do a half and half of the different colors of the babies were around the same age.

Let me know what you think, its just an idea I have been kicking around in my head.

07/24/2017, 04:40 PM
Talking with SA about the same thing recently. Seems at six they start knocking eachother out, so eight would be bare minimum to start with. That being a 40 or 48" tank? I wouldn't be surprised if one who deals with lots of captive clowns would say 12 or more would be very doable. Mixing lots is not a problem with either pattern or colour, or even with the peaceful species; not with the semi aggresive complexes though. Pairing marroon and nemo is done, but after pairing any others will likey be destroyed.

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07/24/2017, 04:56 PM
The dimensions are 36x18x18.
I think it would look awesome and be a completely different look and feel then the reef setup. Haveinf all the extra water volume is going to help keep my levels in place.

07/24/2017, 08:38 PM
A Taller 40 breeder, sounds neeet.

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