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07/24/2017, 05:49 PM
Do they even eat when fed with coral food? I've watched multiple videos on youtube and it seems zoanthids do not eat foods such as reef roids. Have any of you guys actually gotten a feeding response?

08/10/2017, 08:14 PM
They 'do' eat, but they don't really require feeding at all. They grow so fast as it is.

08/17/2017, 07:15 AM
I used to spot feed mine to encourage growth, but I never really saw much difference in how fast they grow as a result of it.

Osvaldo luiz
08/24/2017, 08:22 AM
Se puder alimentar sempre melhor..tera crescimento mais acelerado.

08/31/2017, 11:35 AM
Light is primary food source.

Zoanthids feed both by photosynthesis, aided by the zooxanthellae they contain, and by capturing plankton and particulate matter. Although photosynthesis aids in their nutrition, even species that do not actively capture plankton cannot live through photosynthesis alone.[21] Zoanthids can eat meaty foods, such as lancefish, brine shrimp, krill and bloodworms

09/01/2017, 07:23 PM
I broadcast feed my tank. Food particles everywhere. But I have not seen them "eat". Perhaps after lights out feeding and observation is required to see them catch food.

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09/02/2017, 10:52 AM
I have never seen any of my zoanthids eat but I have seen some paly's eat. My blue agaves, butt munchers and space invaders have had a feeding response and have swallowed like blackworms and fish roe of the appropriate size.

09/06/2017, 01:28 PM
i feed mine nano coral roids and dust it over them and have seen growth through the roof, along with frequent water changes