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07/24/2017, 06:38 PM
Figured I'd post this to see if any of you think I should be doing things differently...

Last week, I bought a D. Sailfin, Radiata Lion, and Magnificent foxface. Foxface is about 7", lion is 6", and the sailfin is 4-5"
All eating extremely well.

I put them in my 120 bowfront quarantine tank with 30 gallon sump, skimmer with sponges on the overflow , sponge filter, and a large piece of filter foam for bacteria. The tank itself has a big petsmart fake coral thing that's about 18" x 12" I used this tank to quarantine 5 yellow tangs recently so I know there is enough bacteria to handle these 3 fish.

I spent the past week getting them all eating prepared foods, soaked in vitamins and garlic.

Now that they are all fat and happy, I will begin treatment. (the foxface was flicking his bottom fins so there's something going on. And if he has something, the sailfin definitely has it.

Here's the plan...
3 weeks cupramine. I just put in half dose today and will see how they are doing tomorrow with it, then if all good, will put in second half. (10 gallon water changes with appropriate cupramine dose every 2-3 days)

After 3 week period. Run carbon for 2 days and do 30 gallon water change

2 weeks paragard. Again, do a half dose, then next day second half. (continue 10 gallon water changes with appropriate paragard dose every 2-3 days)
After 2 week period, Run carbon for 2 days and do 30 gallon water change
Watch for any signs for 2 more weeks
If nothing shows up, put them in the display.

07/25/2017, 12:43 PM
Have you treated for flukes? I would definitely do that. You will need to run 30 days of copper not 3 weeks, unless they are being transferred to a sterile tank.

I personally treat with prazipro first, then I start my cupramine for 15 days with antibiotics for any possible bacterial infections and I feed them metroplex as well to kill any internal parasites. The antibiotics only need to be administered for 10 days. After the 15 days of copper at therapeutic levels, they can be transferred to a sterile tank ich/velvet free.

This is just how I do it, whatever works for you or is easier, you should do. I would definitely dose prazipro though if you haven't already.