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ssgss gogeta
07/25/2017, 02:09 AM
Hey guys, new to reef central although over the years i have utilized the hell out of googles search function on your threads. have been contributing on australian forums but they are pretty quiet atm.

I have had a few tanks in the past, fw and sw, fowler and reef although not so reef dominant as i am planning with this tank. i currently have a 15g nano setup more of a holding tank to get some of the corals i want and grow some frags up a little bit more before the big tanks up and running and transfer.
The tank is going in my new house thats being built and probably not even half way through that. It's probably still at the very least 3-6 months away
possibly even 9! So its gonna be a while before this is interesting but gonna use this as a base for my planning and any thoughts or feedback as i undertake the whole build.

mixed reef heavy sps coral, to be an amazing feature at the entrance of the house.


Display Tank
In wall starfire and one viewable side. 84Lx28Dx26H

Glass 60Lx24Dx18H split into 3 sections. skimmer section, refugium and return.

As far as equipment all i'm keeping from old tanks is the chillers, gonna run two separate chillers one on each return. everything else i'm going to buy new equipment. new tank new equipment right ha! plus my old equipment is getting a little outdated.

ssgss gogeta
07/25/2017, 02:13 AM

From the plans the layout for the tank


And just for the sake of it progress of the house so far

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Spunky Bob
07/26/2017, 04:32 AM
This is going to look amazing!
I'm in Gosford, NSW and agree the Australian forums while active seem dead in comparison to here.

I am sure you have planned it well but.... MAKE SURE YOU HAVE UNRESTEICRED ACCESS TO CLEAN THE FRONT GLASS!!

I was dropping off a fish the other day and the guy had an in wall tank but the only way to reach the front glass was from the back and he regrets the entire thing because of this "tiny" issue.

Only way to clean it was with a magnet but also, if something drops he could never get in to pick it up.

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ssgss gogeta
07/26/2017, 06:34 AM
Thanks man, to be honest I haven't really thought of that. I can access from sides but getting to the middle would be tough. I'm gonna expect I'll be relying on some sort of reaching sticks lol

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ssgss gogeta
07/30/2017, 09:37 PM
Nothing to add except a hole in an unfinished wall where the tank will go!


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07/31/2017, 06:41 AM
Wow beautiful start

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07/31/2017, 09:46 PM
mtv cribs reef central edition??! yes!

ssgss gogeta
07/31/2017, 11:07 PM
Wow beautiful start

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mtv cribs reef central edition??! yes!

Thanks for checking in! It won't have anything exciting for a fair while. Delays and more delays. Wrong windows were ordered wrong. So correct order has been placed with a 6 week wait time. There's a busy road near us and I'll damned if I will hear noise inside my house!! Double glazed windows is what was meant to be ordered but weren't.

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Ryan Darilek
07/31/2017, 11:40 PM
This is awesome and I'm excited for you man! +1 on the access to the tank comment above... That's a big one for sure. I'm not sure if it's too late to consider something like this into the design, but I saw a guy with a large in-the-wall tank like this and he had the whole thing on basically a sliding tray (very heavy duty to support the weight) that came out from the wall. He used pex piping for his plumbing in lieu of PVC so that everything was flexible. I wouldn't know where to begin looking into something like this, but it was a pretty awesome design (all steel and ball bearings) that allowed him to fully access the tank and then just slide it right back into the wall.

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ssgss gogeta
08/28/2017, 12:22 AM
i've been working on my equipment list, lately. some things have been downgraded as unexpected house expenses have come along. I've also never been one for the most expensive brand of equipment provided i've been given good feedback on the lesser brands and products. basically a tank run by china lol.

i've also been trying to get mostly new equipment. i have similar sized equipment from previous tanks but some of it is pretty out dated so i figured new house, new tank, new equipment.

skimmer - marine sources monster 3500
bio pellet reactor - marine sources BRD 1.2
reactor for carbon - marine sources BRP 1.0
uv sterilizer - sun sun CUV 172 X2

return pumps - jebao DC-5000 x2
waker makers - jebao RW-8 x2, RW-15 x2

led - either ai hydra 52 x3 or CT 180W x3
t5 fitting - litemaster 200 3ft 39wx4
t5 bulbs - aquamedic 15k 39w x4, 22k 39w x4

functionality and control
chiller - Hailea 300a x2
heater - eheim jager 300w x3
temp controller - STC-1000
ato - wave reef smart ato X2 (when ato depletes ro/di will kick in and fill it up)
auto water change - DIY
dosing pump - kamoer

total cost of equipment roughly $6000AUD

that's about all i can think of right now

ssgss gogeta
08/29/2017, 08:51 AM
Fore thought I intended to use NSW.

Thought has turned to the plumbing now, I originally intended to have my plumbing run to the side of the house. With 1000L holding containers for water change. One thing I forgot to plan for was how I was going to get the water into the containers. . . That side of the house is not accessible from the front. But it does act as a good storage side as it's not really usable space for anything.

My only other option would be that when my NSW is delivered I add to the plumbing another valve and opening to run the water from the tank area back to the storage outside.

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ssgss gogeta
09/02/2017, 04:44 AM
Not tank related but started off the last section of retaining today. Should be finished next weekend.

Was meant to finish it before the slab happened but a flood screwed up my holes and didn't want to hold up the house for it so put it on the back burner. Fortunately have a friend with a small excavator and we got stuck into it again.


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