View Full Version : Popeye and pectoral fin problem

07/26/2017, 04:48 AM

Some of my angelfish have popeye ( one eye for each touched fish)and torn pectoral fin.
The pectoral fins are smaller and smaller for the sick fish.
What should be the good treatment ? Copper ?
Just some angelfish are sick not all.
Thanks for your advice.

07/26/2017, 12:13 PM
How long have you had them, were they qt for parasites, what type of angels and what size tank are they in?
I'm not an expert, but popeye is usually associated with water quality issues and tend to go away with good husbandry but it can also cause secondary infection in which case you would have to be treated with antibiotics in a qt. I wouldn't do copper treatment unless there is some other parasite/disease involved.
Is there any fighting between them? that could also be a cause of ripped fins and them maybe bumping into rocks causing popeye?