View Full Version : Do you think my coral banded shrimp could have ate my lunar wrasse?

07/27/2017, 02:53 PM
My wrasse has been missing for 5 days and I checked all of the rocks. There is sand in my tank. I haven't seen him since my shrimp is pregnant but I hope she didn't eat him.:(

07/28/2017, 06:22 AM
My initial thought is no way in heck did the coral banded eat a lunar wrasse, in fact, I'd say it's more likely that you'll end up with a missing banded shrimp at some point. How big is the lunar? It's not unheard of for a wrasse to go into hiding for a week or more upon introduction.

07/28/2017, 09:05 AM
Does your tank have a hood or closed top? Wrasse and gobies are infamous for jumping out of the tank. Wrasse are also really good at hiding, one time my wrasse came out of nowhere 4 days later, the last time he disappeared he was in my sump and when I put him back in the display tank, he never fully recovered.

07/28/2017, 10:40 AM
Lunar wrasse is a medium sized.

07/28/2017, 10:53 AM
They like to borrow to....

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07/28/2017, 02:36 PM

07/29/2017, 06:42 PM
i once added a yellow coris wrasse to my 75g. he dove into the sand and i didn't see him for well over a month.

08/05/2017, 05:16 AM
Oh hell yeah definitely the shrimp got him

11/07/2017, 06:35 AM
Just witnessed my CBS attack and kill a twin spot Goby. The shrimp has been in the tank for some time and does fine with the fish that are in there, but when I put in the goby the shrimp walked right over and grabbed him. By the time I could separate them the fish was dead. The goby was fairly small, but I had put in a big fat madarin goby the week before and found him dead 2 days later. Now I am pretty sure that the CBS killed him.