View Full Version : Soft coral no fish

Hawaiian Stylin
07/27/2017, 10:12 PM
I just started in the hobby a few months ago. Bought 55 but quickly realized a 75 would suit my ideas better for aquascaping.
I cycled the 55 for about 3 months with old water. The tank came with a clown, starfish and some snails, rock and sand. Sand spiked ammonia so I removed everything and just ran the water through the canister filter that it came with. Canister has carbon, bio pellets and bio balls. 3 months later, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites and 40 ppm nitrates.
A friend called and said I need to pick up my rock from him. So I did and he gave me an urchin and a 5" devil's hand. The water I got with the rock had Nitrates at 40 also. I added 20 gallons of his water to my tank and set everything in. The next evening I did a 50% WC. 4 days later 50% again. Nitrates are at 10ppm.
So that is where I am now. I have No fish and have Not been feeding this guy. I do have a Current LED for the tank. No idea on PAR. I did add a ASM G2 skimmer right in the tank about 3 days ago. The Coral hasnt been extending his polyps. He does show about 1/4" or so on and off. I do have a powerhead supply good current. I plan to feed him tonight with some reef roids I just picked up. Do I need a fish? Im trying Not to get too many animals so I dont have to stress them when I switch to my 75 in few more weeks. If I do need a fish. What should I get? I want primarily corals and probably no anemones so I dont think I'll get a clown. Even though I love them. Im just think Im far too inexperienced for the anemones right now. I also want small fish. Maybe a couple wrasse?? Or Damsels?
Please tell me what you guys think.