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07/28/2017, 02:11 AM
Hi guys.
I've been thinking about new scape as my LFS finally importeg nice tonga brances which I had in mind when I started my tank. So, what I'll probably do is make refugium which I'll fill with present live rock and make new scape with tonga brances.
I'd like to go in this direction:

It would be SPS dominant, with nice realtively big cathalaphylia that i have and macrodactyla doreensis on the sandbed.

Now, what troubles me is that I have nice BTA, and magnifica anemones which I'd like to keep and I'm not 100% sure how to incorporate them in this scape?
Whould it be wise to make some sort of shelf on highest position for the mag?

I understand no one knows for sure and they can move, but I'd like to hear experienced opinion and suggestion.

thank you in advance :)

07/28/2017, 10:42 AM
BTAs and magnifica have different needs, but both will not like a Tonga branch structure.

BTAs prefer to hide their foot in a rock crevice. Pukani-type rock works extremely will for this.

Magnifica like flat rocks, where they can spread out their foot for maximum exposure to the surface.

If you place either in a tank with a loose, branch rock structure like you propose, I can guarantee that both types of anemones will end up on the side wall.

My suggestion would be to have your Tonga structure on 3/4 of the tank, then leave an island on one corner made out of either Pukani-type rock for BTAs, or a flatter Fiji slab-type of rock for a magnifica. Both can be supported by Tonga branch to have some aesthetic continuity.