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07/28/2017, 10:25 AM
Hey guys, I upgraded from a 60g to 150g FOWLR a month ago. It will soon become a reef tank..slowly. One of the main reasons was to have a greater variety of beautiful fish. My current livestock is:
-Tomini Tang (3.5 inches)- 1st member
-Eibli Angelgish (3 inches)-2nd member
-Yellow Tang (4-4.5 inches)-3rd member
-PBT (2.5-3 inches)- 4th member
-Large watchmen goby
-Chocolate star
-Pair of Ocellaris clowns
-Cleaner shrimp
-Currently acclimating a Blue Spotted Jawfish (2.5 inches) and a Green bulb anemone

We've been noticing a lot of aggression from the Yellow tang during feeding time and about an hour after feeding recently. They've all been coexisting for about 2-3 weeks now with no major issues. The PBT likes to hang out in the cave but is coming out to feed now. We keep two nori clips on each end of the tank so food supply is never scarce and hopefully reduces aggression. However, yesterday we were using an algae scrubber to get some of the diatoms off the display tank. The lights were on and all the fish were freaked out as a large scruber going back and forth was in the tank. Soon after this, we fed some Mysis. The yellow tang nipped the back of the Tomini tang and although they've chased each other around before, it never led to physical harm.

Do you think this was due to a combination of feeding/stress from the scruber/lights on? Or might this be an indicator of more aggression to come? Normally they just swim around each other but the Yellow tang is definitely the boss, more of a jerk. Any suggestions? If I put a mirror in the tank, how long should I keep it up for? Can my Tomini recover from a fin nip? He doesn't seem to be too bothered...but he was my first tang and I feel bad. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks! (Sorry for the long post)

07/28/2017, 12:04 PM
same thing goes on in my tank, there is a somewhat pecking order. my blue tang rules the tank and chases around my blue jaw triggerfish and desjardini sailfin tang. occasionally my sailfin gets its fins nipped, but not as much now that it got bigger, but still gets chased around. you should be fine. as long as they arent harrasing the other fish to the point where the other fish is clearly stressed out constantly, stopped feeding, always hiding, etc. my blue tang was the first fish in the tank though.