View Full Version : Reef Octopus skimming with less output

07/28/2017, 12:44 PM
I have had this skimmer running for 8 months. I got it lightly used from a friend. Recently I have noticed that the output that collects in the cup is much less than before. Also comparing it to another friends new SRO-5000 SSS 10 Space Saver, mine skims much less. Of course tanks are different but both are same size and stocking levels, 265 gal. I have recently cleaned it well including the pump and needle wheel. It is generating lots of bubbles though. Is it possible that the pump becomes less efficient over time?

07/28/2017, 01:37 PM
Did you clean the pumps impeller magnet and the bore it goes into also?

Could just be that there is less organic matter in your water that can/needs to be skimmed out...
Could just need to be adjusted some to raise the level of water in the neck to get some "wetter/more" skimmate..