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Joe LoPresti
07/28/2017, 07:53 PM
So this afternoon I was cleaning the tank and for some reason, I failed to shut off the Vectra pump before siphoning water. Well, the pump was running the whole time I was doing a water change, but I had broken the siphon so no water was returning to the tank from the sump. The pump was on for about 3 hours.
The pump didn't run dry, but it's not re-starting. The driver was flashing green only, not red and green. I removed the pump, cleaned it and returned it to the sump. Everything inside the pump is fine. I disconnected and unplugged everything from the driver. Reconnected everything, I got nothing. Driver shows green, lights are on, no flow at all.
I did a hard reset. Once that happened, now the "W" at the top right is flashing red and green and my Vectra is no longer connected to the Reeflink. The driver button is now flashing a dim green. I've shut everything off, gonna let it sit for a bit and see what happens.
I can't find any information regarding a green flashing light on the driver. And since I live on the West Coast, I can't speak to anyone from EcoTech.
Anyone have any suggestions??
Did I fry my driver?
I'm stumped and really frustrated I can't get this thing re-started, because of my own stupidity...

Alex Y EcoTech
07/31/2017, 08:04 AM

When you disassembled the Vectra motor did you notice any obstructions that could prevent the impeller from spinning? Also, a green pulse on the dial would indicate the pump is in Battery Backup mode and I would recommend ensuring you have all your power connections tight as this may be the issue.

Joe LoPresti
07/31/2017, 11:29 AM
Hi Alex,
Thanks for the response. The Vectra was cleaned that Friday afternoon and everything pump-wise seemed to be functioning just fine. Also, my battery backup is connected to my Vortech, I don't use it on my Vectra. I installed my backup pump Saturday morning and decided it would be best to call you guys Monday morning.
I spoke with Kevin and everything has been arranged and is taken care of. Sounds like the driver is no bueno...
Again, thank you for your assistance and thanks to all the guys there at EcoTech, everyone bends over backwards to assist whenever I have issues, thanks again!!!