View Full Version : Blotches on blond naso

07/28/2017, 08:06 PM
In quarantine, 125 gallon by himself. Started cupramine 2 days ago, came home to this.


The spots were there before, but only on one side of the fish. And this is much worse. Any suggestions on what this is and how to treat it?

07/28/2017, 08:09 PM
I thought the original spots might just be some scrapes from capture, but this looks pretty bad, much worse than it did.

07/28/2017, 11:01 PM
my guess would be a bacterial or fungal infection.. it's possible it's Brooklynella, although not common outside of clownfish.. it can happen... especially with stressed fish. so.. my guess is the cupramine compromised it's immune system and now it's infected with something else, or showing worse symptoms. combination of CP and antifungal/antibacterial would be my recommendation..

07/29/2017, 07:01 AM
Unfortunately didn't make it through the night. That happened really fast, whatever it was.

07/30/2017, 05:59 AM
Was that your qt in the pic? Just wondering if you had live rock in the qt? White blotches are a tell tale sign of a bacterial infection which kill fast sometimes. I'm sorry about your naso, sometimes we just can't save sick fish.

It is quite possibly brook too. I have never encountered any promblems with cupramine, even on sensitive fish. I do treat with metroplex while I'm treating with cupramine though, to administer antibiotics and treat brook as well.

07/30/2017, 10:49 PM
Brook may be common to clowns, seen it on other fish orders.