View Full Version : Outlet Slip Fitting R3 230 watt

07/28/2017, 10:03 PM
Hi Scott,

I need to order another slip fitting for my Red Dragon R3 230 pump, but did not see it listed under the parts section on the website. This is on the outlet (discharge) side and it is the original Flow pump, not the new pressure version. Should probably also get the collar that screws on over it, just in case. These look like union connections, but maybe metric.

Could you please provide me a link or some other way to place the order?

Thanks for the help!

07/28/2017, 10:20 PM
I need to check with Ft. Myers. We should have them in stock but the website doesn't have them listed for some reason which means we are either out of stock or the web inventory or incorrect. Send me a PM with your email address. I will send an email and should have a stock update for you by Monday.