View Full Version : Purple Tang Treatment

07/30/2017, 03:52 PM
Looking for some help with this fish. I've had the Purple Tang for 12 weeks. 8 weeks were observation only quarantine no prophylactic treatment done. Fish has been in display 110 gallon display for 4 weeks with no issues eating.

Other fish are:

5x blue chromis
2x clownfish
2x lyretail anthias

Mostly SPS coral one torch coral.

I noticed today the white patch on the abdomen area. Fish is still eating and swimming mostly normal.

I do have the ability to capture and treat in a hospital tank. Not sure of the problem or treatment though. Any advice appreciated.


07/30/2017, 07:04 PM
It's possible that he scraped himself on a rock and there is a slight infection. I would watch it for now and look for it getting any larger, red, or if he starts breathing fast.

Maybe add some vitachem to his food for now and help build up his immunity and if it worsens, I would add the trifecta of antibiotics, kanaplex, metroplex, and furan 2 in a HT.

I can help you with treatment if it comes to that. In the mean time, those aren't bad meds to have on hand if you don't already.