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07/30/2017, 04:39 PM
Let me start with the livestock and the equipment and then I will move thru the rest of the build.

I started this tank back in Decemeber of 2016 and have decided to start a build thread here. I'm going to post pictures from start to finish so bare with me here LOL. I started with an old stand and put a piece of plywood under it to make it fully support the tank. Painted it black to match our living room. I cycled the tank with AquaForest Bio S and it took the full two weeks to cycle. Added some Clowns on December 16th We also moved in March so the tank went thru a move also. (Stressed me out) Here's the pics from the big move. Took a good 4 hours to move everything and get it all set back up. I lost no live stock and everything appeared to be healthy. Sadly about a month after the move my fiances red firefish went MIA. Im going to assume it jumped and one of our dogs got a hold of it because we never found it. We added a purple firefish and have had him for 2 months now and I've never seen it remotely get scared or act like it was going to jump. (Maybe we got lucky) May 11th I purchased a ATI Sunpower 24" T5 Fixture. Running 3 Blue+, 2 Coral + and a purple +. I absolutely love this light and don't see my going back to LED. These next few pictures are the most recent pictures of the tank. I run a ATO thru the wall into the laundry room so I have no freshwater container anywhere. Also run my air pump for my ReefGlass Skimmer thru the wall so we don't have to hear the pump run.


Tank: Innovative Marine 25g Lagoon
Apex JR
PM1 w/ pH Probe
Breakout bot for my ATO and stand lighting
ATI 24" Sunpower t5 fixture (3 Blue+, 2 Coral+ and a Purple+
ReefGlass Skimmer
IM Desktop Reactor (GFO and Carbon)
Jebao SW2 (Will be switching this to a MP10 very soon)
Finnex 150w heater
Flipper Magnet Cleaner
inTank Media Basket running filter floss and Siporax
A Purple Reef Rock
Arogonite Special Grade Reef Floor sand
AquaForest Reef Salt


Pair of clownfish
Bi-Color Blennt
Purple Firefish
Pygmy Angelfish
Blood Shrimp
8 Blue Leg Hermir crabs
4 Turbo Snails
About 8 random snails


Small Fruit Loop Zoa Colony
Small Camfire Zoa Colony
2 random zoa frags
Two BTA anemones

07/30/2017, 06:03 PM
Looking good! What made you switch out the Kessil?

07/31/2017, 01:55 PM
Wasnt seeing the growth I wanted out of it. Loved the light and the shimmer but nothing seemed to be growing. Anemones seemed to not like it either.

08/01/2017, 12:05 PM
Looks really good! Nice and clean

I was running the AI Prime HD unit myself and same thing nothing would grow aso switched back to my tried and true MH.

08/01/2017, 08:40 PM
I was going to run MH but the tank is in anl room with no AC and the MH would be way to hot for the tank. I do love the look of then though.