View Full Version : Lucky Lawnmower Blenny

07/30/2017, 04:42 PM
Hey all..!!
Just wanted to share my lawnmower blenny experience and also a lesson learnt.
I bought a four year old softy coral tank that hadn't been looked after for a while, this resulted in a long road to get my nutrients down to exceptable levels.
All is great now but there's still some patches of algea hanging around, so I decided it was time for the lawnmower!
Bought him, acclimated him and dropped him in. Didn't see him all day until late at night I heard some splashing, found him thrashing around the Tim of the tank until he settled. Having my aquarium in the lounge I ended up falling asleep on the couch, around 4:30am I woke to thrashing again but this time he ended up on the floor at the back of tank! Needless to say I kept to action used a feeding prong to get him within reach and managed to return him asap!!
I'd had him for less than 12hr and at $50 it's always worth having a cover over your tank! I've seen to many fish disappear never to be seen until you break the tank down. They might not look pretty but they are a good investment.
Good luck guys.

07/31/2017, 11:17 AM
uh, your lawnmower blenny was 50$? just wondering because i usually see them for 18. My six line just jumped out, but unfortunately I wasnt around to save him :(