View Full Version : Leap of fate: My journal on my jump to the Reef Nano world

07/31/2017, 12:04 PM
Hi all,

I am fairly new to Saltwater (a month old) but I have been an aquarist for quite some time. I started this log in the hope some good samaritan out there will catch something that I am doing wrong and prevent me from making a horrible mistakes.

I really hate creatures dying on me under my care.

I always wanted to build my own reef but is scared to commit.

Well I've done it!

Bought myself a Coralife 16 Biocube. You'd ask why that!?!

Well, it matches my fresh water tank and balances out my displays at home. I sure hope I won't regret my decision but I am determine to make it work.

So where am I at? Cycling is done, got some CUCs, and started stocking Euphillias. Also got a Finger leather coral placed in background.

I converted my back into a sump with Cheatos. Dump some pods on my display and the sump. No Chemical filter but have an airstone on first compartment and a small Eshoppe Protein Skimmer on last compartment.

Got my parameters good but I am buying better test kits. I don't think API and Sechem will cut it anymore. Red Sea kits incoming.

Water change is a gallon every 2 days using distilled water and Red Sea Pro Coral salt.

Lighting is all stock. Nothing fancy yet.

So there! I truly hope this works out.

More updates to come. Any feedback welcome!