View Full Version : Aggressive ocellaris pair, what to do?

07/31/2017, 04:17 PM
So I have a pair of ocellaris in my 120 that I've had for about 5 years. They breed constantly, and the female is a holy terror when there are eggs. It's to the point where there is rarely any harmony in the tank because if any fish dares go near their side of the tank, there is hell to pay. I love these clowns, but it's made it very difficult to add new fish.

So I have a few options, not sure which to pursue

1)Get a second tank house both the clowns. The female is very large, so I'm thinking I really need 29 gallons at minimum for the pair. I honestly don't want another tank that size. I wouldn't mind a small 14g peninsula on my counter, but anything bigger I don't want to deal with. So aside from getting rid of the clowns entirely this is the least appealing option.

2)Get a smaller 14g peninsula tank just for the male. The male is still rather small, so him alone in a 14g may work. I've been tempted to get a smallish counter tank for awhile, so this is an appealing option. Still not sure it solves the issue since the female could still decide to be a terror alone just because. I haven't had them apart since she was small, so I really don't know how she'd act now.

3)Sell either the male or female and keep the other. The male would be fine alone, as above, not sure how the female would be.

4)Get rid of them both and start over with a single small clown. Not my favorite option, but maybe someone else can dedicate a tank to them. Then again if I took them to an LFS, they'd probably get sold separately anyway.

So anyone else dealt with this? How did you handle it? I would kinda feel bad separating the two, but I know I'm probably overeating and they clowns aren't going to "miss" each other.

07/31/2017, 04:39 PM
Here's a very easy solution:
Feed less. They should stop laying eggs and should become less aggressive.