View Full Version : My 210g Upgrade

08/02/2017, 05:00 PM
Hi reefers,

I've recently picked up a Aqueon 210g dual overflow tank and I plan to upgrade my 75g mix reef into it. Naturally I'll need new lighting and new return pump(s). I also plan to run my sump in the basement which is one floor below. There will be a total of about 12' vertical and 14' horizontal plumbing and/or tubing going from the return pump to the bulkheads. I'll be turning a 55g into the sump.

I'm currently running a LEDZeal Malibu S300 on my 75g which I'm very happy about, but unfortunately at 48" long it won't be sufficient for the 6' 210g. I've considered getting the 6' version or even getting 3 Kessil w360's. I'm also open to any other options. Price is not a major concern but don't want to get too carried away with the best and most current.

My questions are:

1. Anyone running a similar system with a remote sump, and what are good pumps for this case?

2. Any recommendations on good lights for this tank?