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08/04/2017, 09:22 AM
Good afternoon to all, I ask for help from you balling and triad experts. To make it short I'm struggling to keep her stable !!! I currently use Kent A + B and I'm going with the component 123+ Aquaforest because AB is getting me out. The point is this, initially I had all brought it to stable levels and I dosed about 4 ml of A and 4 of B, seeing the values ​​slightly dropped I passed to 5 ... by retarding I see kh remain stable and Ca and mg continue to Drop ... Today I look back and have
Ca 350
Mg 1230
Kh 7.7 ( only kh stable with 5 ml of B), odd because having the LEDs should be the most consumed element..
Before I integrated 5 g of mg and 5 of Ca, I regain Ca and salt to 380 (+30), add 5 g of remaining shg buffer (always after about half an hour) and now it is 410 (+30), magnesium Instead, with 5 gr of buffer it has risen to 1290 (+90).
Now the question after this poem is .. How should I behave ??? Help me please remember that Sunday or Monday I will start balling aquaforest and these days I still have AB

And Sorry for my english [emoji28]

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08/04/2017, 11:38 AM
How much of a change are you seeing on a daily bases? A calcium kit might be good to 15 ppm, for example, so the 30 ppm difference you noted could normal testing error. I would dose the calcium up to 400 ppm, to give a bit more margin for error limitations of the test kit.

To get a good trend line, I would recommend measuring the alkalinity every morning for a few days, and dosing accordingly. You might want to measure a few minutes after dosing, so that you have a good idea of how accurate the dosing is, but you can skip that step, too. I'd just keep a chart for a while. A single measurement can be very deceiving, but an average over enough samples can give you a reasonable confidence in your data.