View Full Version : Mini Reef 160 - First Marine Tank

08/05/2017, 05:06 AM
Hi guys,

New to the hobby so decided to start out small and work our way along learning before going to a larger setup at a later date. Any advice at all on the setup/idea would be greatly appreciated.

We have started with an Aqua one minireef 160 due to its length to allow room for plenty of coral and aquascaping options for a small tank.

Equipment List

- Vortech Mp10
- Nyos 160 skimmer
- Aquamedic dosing pump - Dosing Red Sea Foundation A,B,C
- Aqua Illumination Hydra26HD

Future Upgrades/Setup

- Add 1x vortech Mp10
- chaeto refugium setup (Custom acrylic containment box currently being made)
- Add 1x Aqua Illumination Hydra26HD
- Try and maintain constant parameters and grow a few sps corals
- Tidy up all the wiring cords and mount things now that i have most of the equipment in place

PS. Sorry about the bad pics, No idea about taking good pictures of tanks with the lights on.