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08/06/2017, 06:25 AM
Hello , i just to asking this but it sound silly for some people and i have to post this in one thread instead 2 or 3 title, its about few critter behaviour in my tank

clownfish dance

i have a mated pair ocellaris clownfish in my tank, i have seen a female rub her head (something she look like try to bite male body) but the male seem tilt his body and shaking himself instead try to escape, which look more like dancing to me, why they do that? its a mating behaviour or just playing around?

Bubble tip hiding?

I got a medium size RBT anemone last month and he not wondering like previous LTA, but stick himself in the rockwork and not attach to crevice like other anemone do, he only retract when the light on but completely hide when tank goes dark and when my coral banded shrimp approach him,i dont why he hiding, is he stressed or hiding anemone is normal habit? , my light is bright and my water flow is moderate

Sea urchin drag everything

I know this is out from the topic but i dont want to post too much thread, so include in this post, my urchin seem enjoy to pick up a small thing with their tube feet from small debris to even a algae, this is amusing to see this decorating behaviour but what make me annoying is when drag a small frag plug of coral and knock them, my zoa get stresses and not opening for few hour each time he knock the coral, how to stop this?