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08/06/2017, 11:37 AM
Hello all. I am new to reef central and need some veterans advice. I have a yellow tang that I have had for about 1 year. Over the past 2-4 weeks the dorsal fin has been "eroding", it has white around its face and near the tail. I also just noticed some very small faint red spots on the tips of the dorsal and on the fin underneath the tail (unsure of name). This is my first tank and it is a FOWLR 30 gal with 3 clown, yellow tang, star fish, cleaner shrimp, and 5 snails. I do water changes every 30 days. Have a penguin 350 biowheel filter and 2 200 gal water jets. Attached is a picture. I need advice before its too late, any help wiuld be appreciated. Thank you!

08/06/2017, 02:38 PM
Welcome to Reef Central!
That fish looks like it has a bad case of fin rot and HLEE going on which can be from poor water conditions and/or poor diet. What are you feeding it and what are your water parameters? They need to have a lot of nori (seaweed) as part of their daily diet. The red streaks on yellow tangs can be due to ammonia; again poor water quality which can lead to infections. couple of large and frequent water changes should help and if it doesn't, you might have to treat with antibiotics in a quarantine tank.
Also keep in mind that your tank is way too small to be able to house a yellow tang or most tangs long term successfully.

08/06/2017, 04:33 PM
Lagatbezan got it right, you might want to get a subscription to coral magazine, its full of a lot good information and one of there past issues talks about problems with tangs specifically such as fin rot and what not

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