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08/06/2017, 01:52 PM
Ok all, I've read through the stickies and feel I'm ready to go for my first anemone. I have a dilemma though. I don't want one that splits like crazy, which pretty much rules out the BTA. So I'm looking for suggestions for an alternate. Here are my requirements:

First, I don't want it reproducing like crazy. I see lots of reefers around here that end up with 50+ BTAs they can't get rid of.

It's going in a 20 long which shares a sump with my 40 Breeder (mainly SPS so it's very stable and parameters are good). So a slow grower or smaller one would be best.

Next, I would like it to host either Ocellaris or Maroons.

That pretty much covers it. I'm leaning towards a long tentacle (Macrodactyla Doreensis) but I hear they're more difficult and get large. If they grow slow, I think it might work. I'm growing acros just fine so I'd think conditions for one in my tank should be fine.

Thoughts would be appreciated!

08/06/2017, 02:29 PM
I think a LTA (M. Doreensis) would be an ok choice. They are a sand dwelling anemone so you would need to take that into consideration. Ocellaris and maroons have been seen hosting these anemones but they are not considered a "natural host" for either species. Maroons can be tough to pair and are the largest species of anemone fish, so i would also take that into consideration when speaking of size and long term housing. With that said, host anemones dont really "stay small" thier growth patern is related to thier feeding, whether its through photosynthesis or direct feeding. I personally havent fed my carpet anemone in years (nearly 5) and it doesnt get much growth. I think a sebae anemone ( h. Malu or h. Crispa) could work well but again size will still be an issue at some point. I think a BTA would be acceptable as long as you dont get a "splitter". Some of us here belive that there are varations of BTAs that dont seem to ever split and get the size of a basketball.

Host anemones are difficult to select. I would try to lean towards a natural host (ocellaris - h. Mag or s. Gig and maroons LOVE BTAs) if you have stable parameters a small mag could work, but again its difficult to control growth patterns and still maintain a healthy specimen.

Hope this helps [emoji106]

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08/06/2017, 02:41 PM
Interesting. Thanks for the info, now I need to do more research!

08/09/2017, 06:33 PM
Do you have a preference regarding where the anemone settles down (on the rockwork/high up or in the sand)?

It seems like an H. Malu would meet all your requirements (stays small and grows slowly), or possibly a small LTA (there are couple really nice ones on eBay right now). Both are sand dwelling, but I've read the LTA does require a greater sand depth (at least 3") to stay happy.

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08/10/2017, 09:11 AM
Interesting suggestion, I haven't researched the Malu much. I doubt I'll find one around here, but it has nice coloring! LiveAquaria says it's pretty much a color variation of H. Crispa. Is this correct?

Doesn't really matter whether it's sand or rock dwelling to me (sand bed is 3-4" deep). It will be priority in this tank so it can pretty much do what it wants.

I've also been looking at Clarkii clowns and decided I'd be fine with them as well. They're a bit difficult to find around here, but I can get them ordered in.

I'm debating whether a 20 long is big enough for a pair of Maroons or Clarkiis. The only other fish in the tank will be a pair of Gobies and a pistol shrimp. Some inverts too, but Clowns shouldn't care about them.

08/10/2017, 11:49 AM
They're conspecific but separate species, with the Sebae growing huge and preferring to mount on rock, and Malu (anecdotally) staying relatively small (or growing much more slowly) and planting its foot in the sand, but with a greater variety of colors.

Malu's do have a reputation of being more difficult than Sebae's, but as long as you find a specimen that's in good health and provide the proper conditions (in my experience) they're usually less fussy than even BTAs.

08/10/2017, 11:53 AM
I think beyond the pair of clowns you want for a 20-long, any other tankmates would be pot roast.

I've sworn off Maroon clowns for their aggressiveness, and Clarkiis get real mean when they grow up too. Even my juvenile Oscellaris pair takes turns biting my hand anytime I go near their anemone.

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