View Full Version : Chalk bass losing color

08/07/2017, 05:53 PM
So I got a new chalk bass, and have raised the little fella in a QT tank. Its at least doubled in size, and keeps eating well. Its been in the QT with a flame angel, 2 zebra bar dartfish and itself. The dartfish are now in the DT, but I've kept the flame angel with it. So the chalk bass keeps growing but its coloring on its sides has gotten a lot lighter. The top of the fish is the same level of dark, but as you go down the sides of the fish, its coloring is just lighter.

If the fish is eating well, what could cause something like this. It sure doesnt act sick.

08/07/2017, 09:39 PM
Hi, I kept a chalk basset for about about a year, super healthy and active while he lived out his natural lifespan. Their color tapers pale on their lower half, kind of like a top half/bottom half camouflage thing. Mine had the same look. They are great guys, I've heard they do better in pairs, they pair up and are moganamous for life in the wild, I thought my guy was lonely with out a mate, I would definitely do a group or try to pair two up if I tried them again.
Good luck with your Chalky!

08/07/2017, 09:43 PM
Google image search Chalk basset on google images, the top/bottom half if pretty much the norm, I've noticed some have more red/copper than others, mine was almost electric blue with hints of burgundy, I wonder how much variance there is in their coloration through their habitat.