View Full Version : Neon Green Toadstool opening and closing

08/08/2017, 03:46 PM
Hi reefers,

I am new to the hobby. I have a 32g biocube with LED lights. Tank cycled for 1 month. I have added several frags of LPS (hammer, frogspawn, GSP, ausi duncan). I added them on same day after proper acclimation and dipping. All the corals are doing fine, better than what they were in the store. My parameters are 0 ammonia, 1-2 ppm nitrate, 7.5 alk, 1.025 salinity, temp: 79. I am only using blue LEDs for the moment, I want to increase the light slowly to avoid any algae bloom.

My neon green toadstool was closed for 1 day and then opened for sometime when I increased the light. It closed again that night after light went out but did not open next morning with lights. The tentacles extend or close like thsi randomly. Now I have moved it a bit closer to light (still moderate) and bit more flow. Any suggestions?


08/09/2017, 12:53 AM
Stop moving it around they need to be acclimate to the new tank, it probably needs more lights. Toadstool closes n sheds a thin film as they grow, What lighting are you using

08/09/2017, 10:59 AM
btw toadstools are a softie not LPS

08/09/2017, 03:42 PM
Thank you for suggestions. I moved it from a low light area to area where there was bit more light and flow. Now its doing well :spin1:. It opens as my light turn on in the morning. I was waiting for 2 days before I make any moves could have waited a little longer.