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08/09/2017, 12:38 PM
A week ago i got a cute little baby cowfish my wife fell in love with. ( the down fall of her working at our LFS. She wants to get every cute fish ) right now he is in our little 25g nano all by himself, i slowed to pump down so the water flow is slower for him. Fat gjy eats 3 to 4 times a day his size in brine shrimp. To small for mysis yet.

Im just looking for information from people that have had them long term. I know about the toxins. Not overly wodried abojt it.

Planning on moving him to our 90g when he gets bigger and will prob end up moving him to our 210.

How fast do they grow?

How hardy are they with other fish? My 210 right now has 2 baby dragon wrasses in it and dont know if he will hold his own with them when all are big.

Right now he is about the size of my fingure nail.

08/09/2017, 10:38 PM
They are not very fast growers. It will take a few years to hit 6 inches or so.

The hardest part is keeping them fed. Mine was frequently outcompeted for food by the tangs. And because of their skeletal structure it's difficult to see any signs of starvation. I strongly recommend target feeding once its in with other fishes.

FYI, I had two die on me over the years. Neither one poisoned the tank in any way. I think it's a function of how much stress they are under.

They're one of my favorite fish. It's on my short list as I restart my tank after my move.