View Full Version : superlux or photon v2?

08/09/2017, 04:17 PM
I am trying to decide.

my tank is 24"x20"x20". LPS and soft corals mostly.

How is the blending on the photon? I have run the OceanRevive version of the Superlux and did not have any issue with disco spots.

Any differences in reliability? I know about the features in the photon, just trying to decide if its worth it to me.


08/09/2017, 09:46 PM

The biggest difference you will see between the 2 is in output and control. The Photon V2 has 6 channels, and uses 5watt Cree LEDs. It also includes an LCD remote so you can do a whole lot more with the programming, like creating a sunrise and sunset effect.