View Full Version : Burrowing wrasses with LTA?

08/10/2017, 07:49 AM
Wondering if any of you keep wrasses that burrow in the same tank as a LTA? I have a paddlefin wrasse and a dragon wrasse (still in juvy costume about 6") They both seem to have their designated area where they retreat to at night. I keep rubble and shells available for the dragon wrasse to keep piled up on his den and the large rock work is on the glass and glued together with 5-6" of sand on the bottom. I want to add a purple LTA but am worried that one of the wrasses may decide to dig where the nem makes its home. I am growing out 2 lightning maroon clowns in hopes they will take to the nem but it will be a while before they are large enough to introduce to the tank and I would also like the LTA to be well established before adding the clowns. Tank is 180G 72 x 24 x 24 with a lot of open area so I think I may be ok but thought I would seek advise before purchasing rather than after :strange: