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08/11/2017, 04:06 PM
I am considering dosing KNO3 potassium Nitrate. After reading everything from 2006 to current......I just managed to confuse my self more. I also seem to think this is not a common practice anyway?
Main reason I would like to try is because I would like to get more color and polyp extension from my SPS. Most look good but none of them are near the colors when purchased. The biggest change is a lot of the lighter color bases end up brown but the tips all grow with good color.

Not sure what you will need to help or advise on this but I will start with tank stats

ALK 8.0 Hanna test kit
CA 480 Hanna test kit
MG 1350 Salifert
PO4 0 Hanna ULR
NO3 0 Salifert

20ml Acro Power daily
8mil RedSea No3-Po4x daily
.550 m/l hr from Calcfeeder

225g Tank (200g total water volume)
100g sump
Pacific Sun Pandora Hyperion S LED/T5 combo (main tank)
Radion xr30pro (sump for frags)
Kore 5th doser
Tunze skimmer
Apex controler (all bells and whistles including PAR monitor)
Carbon reactor

Things that might help
-little coralline algae growth (mainly back wall and powerheads)
-light cyno growth on sand bed (red and green algae only on sand)

Things I have tried
-cutting back and stopping redsea No3-Po4x dosing (result was a ton of red algae on sand and rocks) had to restart to correct problem
-cutting back skimming (went from 24hr to 12hr a day)
-increased live stock (no change)
-increased feedings (little change)

My best result so far is I sent water into Triton Labs for testing. Came back a little low on Iodine (since corrected) but really low on (K) Potassium. Dosed 170ml over 5 days that was recommended and SPS seam to love it but not sure if This is consumed or just lacking in my salt mix. I have since switched to Tropic Marin Pro as suggested.

my lighting cycle is 11hrs but that includes a 1.5hr sunrise and sunset and T5's are on for 6hrs.
I recently had my transformer burn out, so T5's didnt come on.....I didnt notice this for about a week......browns in SPS got really brown. Its been corrected now.

If I get a ALK swing above 8.5 based of SPS will start to bleach.

A lot of information but after all the reading it seams this is the information most people were looking for.

One concern I had is if I dose KNO3 do I stop the No3-Po4x? seem counter productive.
Here is product I got to dose
http://i142.photobucket.com/albums/r114/mrtint/potassium_nitrate_kno3_aquarium_fertilizer__.jpg (http://s142.photobucket.com/user/mrtint/media/potassium_nitrate_kno3_aquarium_fertilizer__.jpg.html)

08/11/2017, 08:54 PM
My first guess would be that the lighting is causing the color changes, but if you want to try nitrate dosing, I would suggest using food-grade sodium nitrate, which is or was available on Amazon. The only reason to continue with the NO3:PO4x is if you think you need phosphate control, and don't want to use GFO.

For the potassium, I would dose a potassium supplement, and not tie it to the nitrate dosing. I'm not sure that I trust the Triton numbers. They have been fairly far off in some cases, but your results seem fine. I would invest in a potassium test kit. The Salifert has gotten good reviews, and the Red Sea seems to be okay, too.