View Full Version : E'z Chiller Mod by Seyoz

08/13/2017, 10:57 AM
This Mod: I had been thinking about its application for few months.
Then I came into two devices.

One is A "Water Cooler by Arrowhead." This Unit Has Both the Hot/Cold Sides.

Then I Got a "Water Cooler by Royal." This unit Has a Cold Side Only.

So After I Reviewed both Working Schematics. I realized they were both (1/12Hp), but the "Royal" Model was easier to modify for my application as a chiller.

The First Test, I simply wound vinyl hose inside the Water Cooling Tower.
Then, Back-Pressure Controlled through a "Well Established Non-Tumbling Carbon Reactor" as A "Thaw Guard!"

Besides A Ball Valve, Digital Temp, Heater.
kept 76-77 instead of 82-83.
but has ability for early 70's.

I wont disclose all research, at present time.:wavehand:

08/13/2017, 05:25 PM
I imagine it'd work for small volumes. Tried the old dorm fridge cooler years ago and it worked ok .... for small volumes. These things just aren't designed for through cooling though.