View Full Version : plate coral issues - please help

08/15/2017, 02:10 PM

I purchased 2 plate corals at the end of may early June.

neither was in great shape, I like to save corals. They both had colour and flesh but weren't puffy with a lot of tentacle.

1 is a 2" orange plate. Not puffy and very small tentacles.

The blue one has flesh, puffs up at night a bit and I'm just seeing little bumps on it - no tentacle extension.

My parameters are pretty stable

sg 1.025
alk 8.4
ca 425
mag 1440
n03 5
p04 0.02
temp 79

I do weekly waterchanges - no tap water.
Aquaforest salt
feed lps pellets and reef roids twice a week

15g 24x13x13

Ai Prime light set at

94% blue
84% UV and V
white 25%
red 25%
green 20%

2 hr ramp up and down, peak lighting from 1 -8pm

could it be too much light or too much flow?

Nothing else in my tank has issues.

Tanks full of various euphylia, birdsnest, monti, acans, zoas, rics, and a gorg.

Appreciate any help

08/15/2017, 04:39 PM
pics would help