View Full Version : Ideal Time of Day to Dose Carbon

08/16/2017, 05:42 PM
Got my doser going last week (finally) and just mixed up the Carbon solution (500 ml 5% Vinegar, 375 ml 80 proof vodka, 125 ml RODI).

My question, is there and ideal time of day to dose it?

Blue channel comes on at 0830, White at 1530. Should the solution be dosed in the a.m. or wait until the white channel kicks on later in the day.

I know some responses are going to be "spread out across the day". :hmm2:

Im starting small again (5ml) so all at once is my intention. :thumbsup:

08/17/2017, 05:03 AM
I never gave light schedule consideration when I dose my NoPox as I wasn't aware it should have been. So I'm anxious to see what others have to say about it. Currently, I dose mine after midnight. I dose at night because my continuous water changing starts at 12noon through 8pm and I figured this will give the dosed elements a chance to make a difference.

08/17/2017, 07:39 AM
Of course, spread out throughout the light cycle to counter the pH dropping effects of the carbon would be ideal, but with low dosing amounts, it doesn't matter. Currently, I dose all at once with premeasured sample bottles because I dont' have a doser in my budget. With a baby on the way, it's looking like i'll be waiting a while. I dose when I get home from work in the evening because that's when is convenient for me. If I had a doser, I'd prefer to dose maybe an hour after the lights start up, as pH begins to rise for the day. If you have a pH probe and apex, you can monitor your pH trend and dose your carbon to try to keep the pH as stable as possible. I don't so keeping it simple and just dosing when the lights are on is what I do. Hasn't caused any problems for me, so I don't think it's critical either way.

08/17/2017, 01:01 PM
I don't think that the time of dosing matters very much for most tanks. If my tank were running below 7.8 at night, I'd probably dose during the day. I would spread the dose across the day, on average. :)

08/17/2017, 02:38 PM
My tank drops to 7.7 at night. I dose a 50/50 mix from 10 AM to 8 PM (light period). I dose a little more than you plan at 32ml/day.

08/18/2017, 11:28 AM
Thanks for the replies. As my dose volume increases Ill spread it out across the lighting period.

08/18/2017, 11:45 AM
The vinegar matters as acetic acid quickly releases substantial amounts of CO2 which temporarily spike pH down; so for large amounts slow dosing during the photosythetic period is best. The ethanol(vodka) takes a step over time as bacteria convert it to acetic acid ,so it does not cause a short term precipitous drop.

Personally ,I prefer bolus dosing with a relatively small amount of vinegar 60 ml for 700 gallons and 24 ml of 80 proof vokda in the am with and additional 12 ml of vodka in the pm . This has served me well for abut 8 years.