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Mark Bianco
08/17/2017, 04:06 AM
Morning Roger and Gang

I have been considering dosing kalkwasser via the 3155 ATO. I have heard this is very hard on the pump. I normally change all my pumps 12 to 18 months and was wondering either formally or informally has done a study pump life ro water vrs kalkwasser solution added.

I know Tunze sells a dispenser but being as I change pumps out more often then most, and I can buy several pumps for the price of the dispenser is it beneficial to buy the dispenser?

Thanks Mark

08/17/2017, 08:44 AM
We have done such a study as years ago we considered making a large kalk mixer/doser with this pump. In RO water average life is 2-3 years, in kalkwasser solution without slurry or powder exposure the life is 12-18 months, if the pump is exposed to slurry or powder 6-12 months, mostly varying with degree of exposure.

I would use a reactor for many reasons, our 5074 and Two Little Fishies unit are both time proven to work with the Osmolator and be easy to configure, many others will also likely work. The main reasons I see to use a reactor is besides the pump, kalk loses potency as it precipitates when exposed to CO2, keeping it in a sealed bottle away from air with increase the strength of what you are adding.

Mark Bianco
08/17/2017, 10:56 AM
Make perfect sense. Thanks ever so much for clearing that up. I will order one tonight.