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08/18/2017, 12:56 PM
I have a snowflake clown and bought a RBTA for it to host its been about a month and nothing was going on then I added a hammer and in one week it has hosted the hammer...will the clown eventually go to the RTBA? and why would it host a coral over the anemone?

08/18/2017, 01:33 PM
I wanna see☺

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08/18/2017, 01:45 PM
Can you move hammer to a different spot? The hammer will eventually get irritated with the hosting clown and cause problems. Not sure how long it will take for the clown to host the RBTA - if at all possible (if they are on movable rocks) maybe you can switch spots and see what happens.

08/18/2017, 05:07 PM
Yes I can move the hammer but it would be in the same general area and the clown swims all over the tank so it would probably follow the hammer.....I hope I don't have to choose one to get rid of