View Full Version : Squamosa clams...

08/18/2017, 01:38 PM
Hi all, i was wondering is anyone have one of these n are they hard to keep? I have a 110g (48x18x30) mix reef n rbtas n 320watt maxspect razor. Please let me know n also where do you guys buy them from?

08/22/2017, 10:04 AM
Squamosas are one of the easiest clams to keep. You shouldn't have any problems with regular parameters and the lighting you have. They do grow fast too.

08/23/2017, 11:03 AM
Thanks, i just have to find one now...

08/27/2017, 10:58 AM
They are the best clams to keep, IMO if you have a somewhat larger tank. They do grow fast and get big, so plan for that.

They will use up quite a bit of calcium, alk and magnesium, so have a good system to replace.

I regularly keep blue squammies in my tanks - my favorite clams now that teardrops are nearly impossible to get.