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08/18/2017, 03:20 PM
Hello Everyone!
I don't want to be intrusive about this article and I am sure there are people who have had to deal with this nuisance pest and I am sure everyone has had to treat their entire tank to rid of it (hopefully indefinitely!)
I'm talking about ICH.
I've heard that treating ones aquarium with garlic or garlic impregnated fish food that it will do some detrimental damage to Ich. As it was explained;
"Like us humans, fish too perspire. When fish perspire - especially after digesting garlic, it clears out their pours - and because garlic has so many good things in it for the body (skin in this case!) it kills the spore - Ich.
I think it causes the oils that are involved with the perspiration helps keep the ich spore from binding to the fishes scale. It may not kill ich or cure it but it keeps the spore from adhering to the fish.
OK, that with that said, (and i'm not sure if that is what happens - it's just an guess) What is the best medication that any one has used to rid of this parasite? It seems to me that every commercial product available to cure ich is saying "I'm better... pick me - pick me!!" Just to get it into the aquarium water and find out you just wasted $10 - $30.00 in junk - deeper in debt and not one step further ahead. grrr! :worried2:

08/18/2017, 03:41 PM
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