View Full Version : Amphiprion latezonatus x 2 for sale - good buy?

Mad Marine
08/19/2017, 03:06 AM

I've been offered two Latz from my LFS, one is 2 3/4" and the other 1 1/2".They're in separate tanks and haven't been paired up yet. I asked about the origin at the time and the member of staff wasn't sure. I know there was a pair bred in the US earlier in the year and a batch of juveniles available but looking at the bigger one, to me it looks too big to be from that batch.

Asking price is €800 ($940) for the two. I asked to leave the clowns in their QT section for week and then I'll take a look at them again.

I didn't take any pictures of them but the larger one looks good. Any thoughts would be appreciated.



08/19/2017, 11:45 PM
I don't know much about latz, but I do see liveaquaria DD selling a pair of CB ones for $400.

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08/20/2017, 04:40 PM
No idea on what they go for over there. In the US full barred CB ones can be found for around $300 a pair