View Full Version : More lympho, or something else??

08/19/2017, 07:04 AM
I have a Lemonpeel in QT right now that I'm 99% sure has lympho on its tail tip and left fin. He has been in QT for two weeks and the size of those dots has gotten a little bigger, but not moved or changed.

Sorry for the kind of blurry photos, they are screen grabs from a video because he moves around too much...




What I'm wondering about now is the other white-ish ares on its tail. Is that part of the lympho or something else I need to be treating for?

He is not as active swimming around as he has been. Water parameters are not the best in the 10g QT, so I have been dosing Prime to help out. I have also yet to find a food (pellet or frozen) that he will actively eat. I have both LRS nori and fish eggs coming in the middle of next week to give those a try.