View Full Version : How to completely remove Chloroquine Phosphate from DT

08/19/2017, 09:02 PM
Is it true that removing all remaining PO4 from a system will effectively eliminate any lingering CP?

08/23/2017, 07:27 PM
No, the chloroquine disassociates from the phosphate ions when it dissolves. Removing the phosphate will still leave the chloro behind. You'll need to run carbon to remove the chloro.

08/24/2017, 12:59 AM
OK. I ran about 8oz of carbon last month to treat 160 gallons of water. I left it in for a couple of weeks and then removed it thinking it must have been exhausted by then. I will go back and continue running carbon if that is what it will take. I think I'm getting close to having all the CP out of there. I have a few test dwarf cerith snails and amphipods that I added to the Refugium last week and they are able to hang in there now. I do notice that the few amphipods I see aren't very active but at least they move around occasionally.

Thanks Zachfishman

08/28/2017, 08:00 PM
It's been a week since I started this post and wanted to share the progress.

I did another 20% water change and added another 8oz of activated carbon to the sump. I also purchased a couple more cheap snails to see if they would make it. The snails are doing well after 4 days. They are active and doing their cleanup work. This is a significant contrast to 3 snails I purchased about 4 weeks ago. With that test, the first one died in 24 hours and all three were dead within 3 days.

I'm also noticing that copepods and amphipods in the Refugium are becoming more active and their numbers seem to be increasing. The population isn't back to normal but its getting there.

08/31/2017, 04:47 PM
When I opened this thread, I was worried that the CP would last forever in my DT. Fortunately it didn't. Here is a recap below for anyone that might do as I did and medicate a fish only tank with CP. I'm no expert, just a hobbyist, so take my experience for what that's worth.

I initially dosed CP at the recommended level of 40mg/gallon into my DT. I didn't experience any ammonia issues and the biological filtration seemed to continue working but I think there was less going on in that dept. All algae died off the rocks. The fish were fine but all inverts died. Most of the copepods also died. The glass on the DT stayed very clean during treatment.

I did two 20% water changes after the first month and another 20% water change just recently. I skimmed very wet after I got to the 1 month mark. I also ran carbon after the first month was over and some more recently.

After the second month I added a bottle of copepods. I didn't see much pod activity at first but more recently the copepods multiplied and returned to healthy levels. Inverts and snails are doing fine now. In all, the tank is back to normal now and there are no parasites to worry about. It was close to 90 days from day 1 of CP treatment to get my DT back to normal.

The dosage instructions followed:
Typical dosage for quarantine is 40mg/Gallon (app. 1/8th tsp./10gallon) for ten days. This is a one dose treatment.
If water changes need to be performed to reduce ammonia, then chloroquine phosphate needs to be redosed for amount of water changed.
10g treats 250 gallons...25g treats 625 gallons...50g treats 1250 gallons....100g treats 2500 gallons.
For treatment of existing*Cryptocaryon irritans(ich), Amyloodinium ocellatum (marine velvet) and brooklynella (brook) up to 80mg/gallon (app.1/4th tsp./10gal) can be used.