View Full Version : Tips/How To do a fresh water dip

08/19/2017, 09:17 PM
So I always have the hardest time with this. I have a bottle of API perfect pH 8.2, and i want to use it to do a freshwater dip. Heres the info I have for mixing up the water:

API Proper pH 8.2
1 scoop = 10.7 g
10.7 g / 10 gallon = 1.07 g / gallon

That doesnt help too much. And the main issue is that you have to measure the pH at the right temperature. So I mix up the water, raise to temperature, test, find out its wrong, add water to dilute, that changes temperature, wait till its up to temp, test, repeat repeat repeat. This ends up taking hours to get it just right.

What do people do here? Do they actually do this, and take a while to get the water perfectly? Does someone have an actual recipe they follow, such as mg of [something] per gallon, so that its easy to mix up?